Help Wanted

There are many ways you can get involved with Cop Block, including but not limited to writing for your local offshoot site, submitting stories you’ve found to us, making/submitting videos of/related to police, sharing the site and posts with friends, informing us of issues within the state of Georgia that we may not already be aware of, etc. Also, if you have a personal story that you feel isn’t being properly covered by other media sources feel free to contact us and if possible we will do what we can to bring attention to your problem. In addition, if you have suggestion for ways that you could help us contact us.


There are no minimum levels of commitment and most everything can be done remotely, at your convenience. So, whatever you want to do and however often you do it is completely up to you, but will be appreciated just the same.

Any ideas, suggestions, tips, feedback, or requests to join us can be made via this contact form:

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