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Georgia CopBlock is Back!

Georgia Cop Block is back but we really didn’t leave. No our website got lost in the bottomless pit of the internet where web servers hide in those dark windowless closets.  But now that the website is back up and running we will be in full force and watching the police more than ever. While the site has been down many police departments and sheriff’s departments in Georgia thought we were gone for good! little did they know that until they start upholding their sworn oath to protect and serve we aren’t going anywhere.  Also while we will be posting new stories as they come to us we will be revamping the site so if you have any problems just simply reload your browser. If you have a police story and want it posted please utilize the link here.



About Georgia CopBlock

Cop Block is a decentralized project supported by a diverse group of individuals united by their shared goal of police accountability.

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