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Is Sheriff Frank Reynolds Really About Transparency?

Many Officials running for election into ANY office promote their election to get votes, with things such as Frank Reynolds said Serving with honesty, Integrity, and TRANSPARENCY with the later being spot lighted here.  I have recently had an encounter with one of Sheriff Reynolds minions doing a drive by spotlighting of my home @ 4am, I proceeded to call the Cherokee County 911 Center to report these actions as well as ask why this Officer was driving by ans spotlighting my home @4am The dispatch said “If the officer wanted you to know what was going on he would have knocked on your door and told you”  I was like well there goes Frank Reynolds lies about being transparent. 

Fast forward to 6-12-2017 I had another encounter with yet two more of Sheriff Reynolds minions and it went in a similar direction such as I asked both officers what was the reason behind them pulling up and exiting their vehicles and randomly questioning people, I got no response just a blank stare like they didn’t know what was going on. I proceeded to call Cherokee County 911 Center yet again to ask why they were there and to speak with a supervisor higher than a Cpl. the dispatcher acted as if she didn’t know what I was talking about. 

So all in all WE CAN NOT count of Frank Reynolds to be transparent. Just more lies and improper training of his minions just like we had with Roger Garrison our former KKK member Sheriff.

Sheriff Reynolds if you read this please retrain your minions with proper transparency techniques as well as your 911 operators. 

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